Host your b-day with us. For ages 7 and up. We can tailor your party to include what you want! Grooming sessions, riding time, paint the name it, we will make it happen (to an extent!) Best way to find our more about our party options is to give us a call or shoot us a message.



"You got me a horse for my birthday?!"– There is something so much more simple!




Trust falls... no thank you.   Two truths and a lie? Eye roll. Ice breakers? Really.. I'm good but thanks.


How about a fun activity for your girl scouts, or small corporate groups or sports teams! We take that trust fall and we raise you getting a 1,200lb animal to do what you want it to... with a peppermint! Challenge accepted? Give us a call. Let us make your next group event something everyone will remember. Events can be tailored to your needs so lets get talking.


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