So you are interested in horseback riding lessons? Great! Cause that what we do!


Great, lets continue! So you want the nitty gritty of our lessons? Here goes:


• beginners through advanced

• ages 7 and up

• English or western, we are flexible if you change your mind, if you don’t know, we will guide you

• Private, Semi-private and group lessons available, 4 MAX in groups. We fit lessons together based on age and ability level. We are very picky as to who we group together... everyone  needs to learn, no one needs to be bored.

• We have 11 lesson horses, your instructor will determine who you ride based on your ability level

• We rotate our horses, you won’t be on the same one forever!

• You can lease our lesson horses (jump to the lease page to learn more)

• Lessons run daily by appointment.

• We offer weekly lessons, wanna ride more, no problem, let us know!

• We book out no later than weekly or the following week for first lessons..

• Since safety is our #1 priority, we do not offer barn tours. Our grooms are busy taking care of the horses as well as lesson students and our instructors have their attention on the lesson students only, so we suggest trying a lesson to see if we work for you. If not, you are under no obligation to continue!

• You do not need to purchase any riding gear in advance of lessons, however, if you want to know what we recommend for riders that are serious about continuing, check out our favorites page!




Want to know what the best thing ever is? Walking into the barn after a long, hard day at school (or work) and breathing that big sigh of relief.... You are FINALLY around your BFF'S.  Sometimes, if you bring some peppermints, you may even get a nicker (how sweet the sound).   Our wonderful lesson horses and fabulous instructors can turn your dreams of riding into reality. Do you dream of running around three cans as fast as you can, trying to beat the fastest time? How about jumping a course with grace and beauty? Our lesson horses love these things too. We have horse personalities for every riding skill set (beginner to advanced) and ages 7 and up. We provide a safe, positive, exciting (seriously, it’s never boring around here), challenging environment for learning. Did we mention safe?  While we can’t promise falls don’t happen, we do our best to challenge your skills but not push you past current limitations.


We have years of experience matching our horses to our riders and each horse we have can teach you a new skill... how cool is that! Our 10 lesson horses can take you English or Western,or both, and they can take you from never having sat on a horse before to jumping the jumps and racing the barrels.  Our horses all have unique backgrounds that make them better than average lesson horses.  They’ve been in presidential parades, jumped through fire for circus acts, won countless blue ribbons in the show ring, tore down the field in a cross country course, barrel raced at county fairs,  won actual real horse races, done trails and all just have really cool stories! Ask us about them.. we will brag about them every day. They are THE BEST.


Our instructors have over 45 years of teaching combined!! That’s a lot of years. Our program runs on positive energy and confident skill building.  Meaning.. we’ve got your back. Your goals are our goals for you. But... big but here.... We have the experience to make sure you are obtaining your goals at a steady pace. We will not let your fly around like a crazy pants if you have never been on a horse before. That’s just not fair to our horses. They trust us to help them help you become the best rider you can be.  As much as we love our clients and we want you to ride, our safety is ALWAYS to the horse as well as the rider. Capishe?





Is this a good fit? Are you ready to join a barn that you can hear laughter and learning from miles away at? Give us a call, let's schedule you today! 815-474-5606


Once students are involved in lessons, we offer a lease program that benefits kids wanting to ride more, and parents not ready to take that step into horse ownership. Find out more on our leasing page. Have more questions? Check out our F.A.Q. page!


Information and Release forms must be filled out before the first riding lesson.

Click on the links below for forms:

Information Sheet

Release Form

Cancellation Policy The dreaded cancellation policy.. Yes we have one that we firmly believe is fair as fair can get.  Just like piano lessons,  and  tutoring and any other private lesson you or your child takes..we take our policy seriously. Why? 'Cause we respect your time and we respect our trainer’s time, and our client’s time and our horses time. Late cancels and no shows mean your instructor could have moved the lesson schedule up to avoid an extra half hour in the heat or cold. Another client could have booked the spot, and the horses can enjoy more time outside. Unlike most, we do not require 24 hours in advance... Just a 9am text... see, that's not horrible.


We are conveniently located in Plainfield, IL. A lot of our students come from Shorewood, Joliet, Naperville, Yorkville, Oswego, Aurora, Wheaton, Romeoville, Bolingbrook, Minooka and Downers Grove.


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