Does the thought of owning your own horse send you hiding in the corner of the room, panicking and shaking with dread of responsibility? (If not... send your parents our way and get signed up for lessons first!). If so....congrats Mom and Dad, you are in the right spot! We offer no hassle, easy peasy leases that you do not have to commit your whole life to. Leases are for students that can tack up on their own (or with your help) and can steer and trot and keep an eye on their surroundings.  We can do once a week rides to full out leases on any of our lesson horses.  Students must be in our lesson program in order to be in our leasing program. If your kid is in lessons and you want to ride (and know how), we can hook you up. Our lease rides are taken during lessons (so we can keep an eye on things and make sure everything is safe,  there is our favorite word again). Days and ride times are flexible. The only thing you have to commit to, is three months starting out, then after that, its month to month. We’ve all had relationships shorter to that :)


Need some horse snuggles asap? Get into our leasing program and make it happen! Call us at 815-474-5606


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In leasing a horse you borrow freedom...or something like that!

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