"Mom, camp, sign me up for camp, I wanna do camp, please let me do camp, mom, mom, mom... pleassseeeeee."



Uh, we get it . You wanna do camp or your kids do. We hate to boast, but we have an awesome camp. We love our camp. It’s all horses, all fun, all games, (and yes we sneakily get horse learning in there too).  We offer:

•every day lessons and riding

•horsemanship skills

•activities tailored to each camp based on ages and ability level

•group sizes that are safe and in control

• crafts and games that are horse related


Who can do camp? Kids ages 7 and up, experienced or not.  Sign up, like yesterday!


Heres the scoop:


We had such a successful 2018 camp season! We can't wait until next year! 2019 dates will be up around January/February. Check back then!


Camp is $295 ($100 nonrefundable deposit holds your spot)
8:30am - 12:30 pm. Early bird drop off and late pick up is available for an additional cost.


Call 815-474-5606 to sign up for the best week of summer ever. (Okay we can't compete with a trip to Cancun... but close, close second best!)



Have more questions? Check out our F.A.Q. page!

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